Visiting Chernobyl: Things You Need to Know

Tourism to Chernobyl has become a huge trend ever since the first images of abandoned buildings and left toys appeared on the internet. At , they started offering one- and two-day tours for single and group travelers to the Exclusion Zone. Logically, you may have some questions regarding safety and the ethics of visiting such locations. With this in mind, you may need some guidance.

Where is Chernobyl?

Chernobyl is the city in Ukraine that is located 50 km north of the capital Kyiv. Public access is limited in the 30km Exclusion Zone which starts from the Chernobyl Power Plant. The zone is maintained by the Ukrainian government, so the access permission is required. The Exclusion Zone is still one of the most radioactive places on the planet.

Can You Visit Chernobyl?

Visiting Chernobyl

Chernobyl opened its doors to visitors in 2011 when it officially received the status of “safe.” Since HBO’s Chernobyl miniseries was introduced to the audience, tourism to the disaster site has considerably increased with more than 100,000 people visiting the place in 2019. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky expressed the initiative to turn Chernobyl into an official tourist attraction.

The national government is considering to improve phone signal and infrastructure in the zone as well the development of a ‘”Corridor” to provide official and safe entry. In fact, it has recently launched 21 new tourist destinations as part of the new improvement initiatives. They also established the infamous Reactor 4 Control Room which still demonstrates more than 40,000 times normal radiation levels! Consequently, tourists are limited to a 5-minute visit and must be dressed in special protective clothing.

Is it Safe to Visit Chernobyl?

Let’s say you enter the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone with a qualified tour guide. Does it guarantee you sufficient safety? Yes, it does. With the professional guide hired by the reliable agency, you will be provided with the full spectrum of information, from where to go to what to do. If you follow the rules, you will only be exposed to slight levels of radiation similar to that of a long-haul flight from Europe to the United States.

Is it Worth Visiting Chernobyl?

Visiting Chernobyl is a big deal. It’s a surreal kind of experience that provides you with a great perspective of the scale and consequences of the disaster. By visiting the place, you play your part in preserving the memories. You will pass on knowledge of the horrific event to your family members and friends.

Can You Visit Chernobyl Without A Guide?

Visiting Chernobyl without a guide is illegal. Moreover, it is dangerous as you don’t know the place at all. On the 30 km of territory, getting lost is not a hard thing to do. So, even if you decide to “sneak” into the zone, you put yourself into the risk. This may sound exciting and adventurous. However, it’s extremely dangerous with lots of unstable structures and unseen risks.

Which is the Best Chernobyl Tour?

After some careful consideration, you shouldn’t leave the idea of visiting Chernobyl. With wycieczka do czarnobyla PL , you put yourself into a totally safe experience. A professional guide will be your guard and advisor throughout the trip. So, you don’t have to worry about anything.

Moreover, pay attention to the tour package. Does it include transportation? Does it provide a meal? What about accommodation? All these details need to be checked in advance. If all is done well, you will have an adventure of your life in the “ghost” city. Don’t’ miss it by any chance!