Erotic massage in Prague – if you’re getting one, we have a few pieces of good advice for you

If you’re really mulling over getting an erotic massage in Prague , then you’re in luck! We have compiled together a few pieces of advice which you might find really useful! These can be summed up in the following points:

  • Not asking for direct sex
  • Being on time
  • Being mindful of what you drink or eat before
  • Giving yourself some extra time

Erotic massage rule number one – don’t ask for sex

This can’t be stressed enough. You’re getting a rubdown with erotic features at a massage salon. You’re not going to a brothel and the girls working there are professional therapists with hundreds of hours of hard work and study under their belt. Things will not go beyond hand stimulation. Asking for sex – even an oral one – and being insistent about it might, in the extreme case, result in you being thrown out of the parlour.

Remember to always be on time

First of all, being late send off a bad message that you don’t value other people’s time . Which is rude And in a business like erotic massage, time is an incredibly important resource. The schedule of an erotic masseuse usually happens to be extremely packed and with each delay, you’re depriving yourself of precious minutes of pleasure you won’t be getting back. Therefore, it’s always better to set out to your chosen parlour early, since the Prague traffic might get tricky. The other option is, of course, to order an escort service and let your therapist go directly to you instead – most parlours of this kind will allow for it.

No smoking prior to your visit – everyone will appreciate it

If you’re a smoker, try to stave off the urge to light a cigarette until after your massage. Cigarette smoke gets everywhere and it isn’t terribly pleasant to smell. Your therapist will probably stay professional and don’t mention it, but it is very likely that she isn’t terribly thrilled with having to smell burnt tobacco on you. Especially in the case of the so-called body to body massages, this could negatively impact their quality. So, have that cigarette after everything is done. Or even better, stop smoking altogether – here are some ways how to achieve that .

Overeating before your session is to be advised against

You’re getting a massage, which will of course involve a great amount of pressure being applied all over your body. Therefore, having a full stomach after a big lunch is not something to be recommended, since the resulting feeling could be really unpleasant, and in some cases result in feelings of nausea.

Also, be mindful of how much and what you drink prior to your rubdown

It should go without question that alcohol is not very conductive for the success of any massage, erotic or not. Not only does it dull your senses, preventing you from properly enjoying the whole procedure, but it also dehydrates you. And since a massage speeds up the blood flow, resulting in your body demanding even more fluids, you could get seriously dehydrated, which will not bode well for you. Coffee also has a dehydrating effect on you, so think twice about having a cup prior to your appointment.

After everything is over though, you should get well hydrated though, since, as we’ve said, massage speeds up the blood flow. Increased blood flow also increases the activity of cells, which will demand more fluids to sustain them better.

Oh, and one extra tip at the end – leave yourself plenty of free time not just before, but after your treatment as well. There’s no point doing anything big after, be it work or heavy physical activity. Just kick back and relax and let the massage “sit” to enjoy its full benefits.

Do you have any tips of your own to share? Tell us! What would you prefer-a direct visit to a parlour or an escort option and why? Let us know in the comment section!