Odd Warrior and Odd Quest Warrior Guide

Want to beat aggro packs and Hunters? Try the Odd Warrior and the Odd Quest Warrior - two strongest control decks of Rastakhanov games. Learn all about them in the detailed guide before you try your luck at Heartstone betting online. Today we will talk about the Odd Warrior. The archetype appeared in the Witch Forest, but only in the Bumble Day did it reveal its potential. Rastakhanov Games brought new cards, making the Odd Warrior on dragons, however, after the nerfs, the archetype can refuse them in favor of either the classic options of the Odd Warrior, or the Heart of Fire Crown and synergies with it.

Everything You Should Know about the Odd Warrior

The Odd Warrior, as always, is predominantly an anti-aggro archetype: almost all Hunter archetypes, Odd Rogue, Zool, Odd Paladin, Odd Magician, and the Control Priest, and some other slow decks are not afraid of him.

The unfavorable match-ups for the Odd Warrior became much smaller after the nerfs: Dryzhglot left Shamans, Rogues with the Death of kings, Dreadlocks and Odd Paladin became much weaker. Therefore, players began to look for new ways to complete a slow confrontation. One of them is the Heart of the Fiery Crown of the Odd Quest Warrior. Next, you will learn how it differs from the classic Odd Warrior and when you need to choose one or another version of the archetype.

Whatever Odd Warrior you choose, you will be able to successfully advance up the rank ladder to the beginning of the January season. This is a powerful archetype with a high percentage of victories, which is not afraid of the most popular meta class - Hunters, as well as all agro decks.

Both the Odd Quest Warrior and Odd Warrior show the same percentage of victories but the indicators in almost every matchup are somehow different, although not always significantly.

Comparison of Odd Warrior and Classic Odd Warrior

Odd Quest Warrior has a good proactive way to win, which is especially valuable in slow fights. It is easier for the archetype to defeat the Hunters with the form of the Rexxar's death and other opponents who can replay the classic version at a profit. Also, the quest gives hope in match-ups with OTK decks but not so bright because the Heart of Fiery Crown and the new power of the hero are rather slow and slow: kill the Warrior than he them.

Classic Odd Warrior shows itself better in aggro match-ups: he plays better with Odd Robber, Midrange Hunter, Even Shaman, Even Paladin, Odd Paladin, Odd Magician and Kubolok.

The main advantage of the Odd Warrior in the agro match-ups is not even the cards themselves, but the mulligan: the fiery Heart of the Crown of Fire does not come into his hand, so he is more likely to find the key defensive tools. When two similar decks inside one archetype compete with each other, their mirror match-up often decides a lot: the one who wins it more often becomes the leader. In the case of the Warrior, the Warrior Odd Quest, which is now more popular than the classic version, is stronger in Mirror.