E-Bharati Newsletter        

A Publication of IAI

Volume 1  Number 3  Date Oct 19, 2012

1.      Diwali entertainment

2.      Diwali tickets

3.      Diwali Day sponsorship form

4.      Response to the editorial 1 (Jenny Arora)

5.      Response to the editorial 2 (Parvathy)

6.      Please participate in the election process

7.   Digital Photography

8.      Share your talents with others Ram Ravindran





It is my understanding that there will be two issues of print Bharati published in a year.

One in March and the other in October. However, E-Bharati will be updated every two weeks with new materials included. It will be included in the IAI mailing list as well available online from the main page of the IAI portal.


As the editor, I welcome you to send in your submissions to me. It can be anything. It can be whatever bugs you, whatever thoughts you have about our community, your comments on the events you attended, your raising your children, your experience at your children’s school, at work, about your retirement, about your adjustments as an immigrant, your negative feelings about having given up Indian citizenship.. so on.. Please keep them flowing in to me. With E-Bharati there is no limit to the numbers things that can be published.


In this issue you will find some information about participating in the general election, two responses to my earlier editorials. There is also some information about the share your talent presentation on Digital Photography.


Have a nice Navrathri. Enjoy viewing the Golus and dancing Garba and Raas.


Ram Ravindran