E-Bharati Newsletter        

A Publication of IAI

Volume 1  Number 1  Date Aug 2012

1.   Chairman’s message (Atul Bhargava)

2.   Outgoing president’s message (Rita Bhargava)

3.   President’s message (Kavya Reddy)

4.   Upcoming activities of IAI

5.   A Poem by Mahesh Gupta

6.   Second generation of Indians… where are they? Ram Ravindran

7.   LIN and IAI raise funds (Wilfred Mascarenhas)

8.   Share your talents with others Ram Ravindran


Message from the editor

Dear members
n keeping with the times, we plan to publish the newsletter in the form of an e-mail. If you view this in your email client, as rich text file or HTML file, you will see the links. If you click on any one of the items listed it will download that particular pdf file and you can view them. Please install the adobe reader (which can be downloaded for free from www.adobe.com) in your computer. With this method of communication, you will receive only a small file. You can click on any item you are interested in then a larger file will be downloaded and displayed in your computer screen and if you are interested you can download it and read it later on. This way your email storage space won't be used up.

With the print Bharati, we used to have space limitation to publish some of your write-ups. Now we don't have any limitations. I am particularly interested in articles that deal with our adjustment and assimilation in this adopted country of ours. There are more than 200 of us who have lived in this city for more than 25 years. Please share your experiences through this medium so that the newcomers and second generation desis can benefit from it.

Ram Ravindran